raising florida cattle since 1939


BWCC Jeremiah 192A17

Registration: UB10265156

Semen Available – Please Contact Hayman’s 711 Ranch For Purchase

192A17 - Jeremiah

DOB: 9/18/2013


BWCC Rock Solid 111C12

Registration: UB10305697

DOB: 2/12/2015


BWCC Rock Solid 111D

Registration: UB10336216

DOB: 1/10/2016


Bragg of RRR 795W11

Registration: R10174663

Semen Available – Please Contact Hayman’s 711 Ranch For Purchase


DOB: 10/17/2009


DMR Guardian 535E25

Registration: R10351590

DOB: 2/22/2017


BWCC Reward 98C3

Registration: UB10305666

DOB: 1/28/2015


CB Blount 607G7

Registration: R10437733

Semen Available – Please Contact Cavender – Draggin’M and Partners For Sales

DOB: 1/19/2019


WAT Empire 302G44

Registration: R10450683

DOB: 8/28/2019


QVF N Surrender 23G24

Registration: R10427036

DOB: 10/23/2019


CB Cowboy Cut 468H90

Registration: R10445131

DOB: 2/23/2020

Salacoa Hollywood 23F23

Registration: R10381908 

DOB: 3/15/2018

CLVR Main Event 415E10

Registration: R10367812

DOB: 8/29/2017

CN Trinity 468G

Registration: R10409017

DOB: 1/28/2019

DMR Main Event 594H5

Registration: R10448845

DOB: 2/28/20


Salacoa 541D9 803G72

Registration: R10438600

DOB: 10/2/2019

BWCC Thomas Crown 458H

Registration: R10472400

DOB: 9/1/2020


Salacoa New Vision 468E35

Registration: R10369823

DOB: 9/13/2017


BWCC Bocephus 468E98

Registration: UB10382992

DOB: 9/5/2017

Available Semen – Please Contact Hayman’s 711 Ranch For Purchase

MC 661 John Wayne 535S9

Crochett Game Changer 23Y77

DMR Guardian 549A19

BWCC Rock Solid 541D