raising florida cattle since 1939

Serious about genetic progress!

Welcome to Hayman’s 711 Ranch. We are a diversified 10,000 acre ranch in south central Florida, owned and operated by the Hayman family since 1939.  We breed and sell high value, affordable registered Brangus seed stock as well as commercial Brangus cattle – particularly heifers.

Our cattle thrive in the harsh, semitropical Florida environment, as well as a wide variety of conditions found on ranches throughout much of the United States.  Our registered Brangus bulls sire the type of black-hided calves today’s market demands.  Steers grow quickly on the cow and yield/grade profitably out of the feed yard.  Heifers make excellent mothers and will remain productive in your herd for many years.  Our entire herd reflects our financial commitment to improving the genetic traits serious cattlemen want in their own cattle — reproductive efficiency, good dispositions, structural soundness, a live calf at birth, and a heavy calf at weaning.

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Rest assured, we stand behind whatever we sell!