Welcome to the Hayman's 711 Ranch.  We are a diversified 10,000 acre ranch in south central Florida owned and operated by the Hayman family since 1939.  Today, we breed and sell high value, affordable registered Brangus seed stock as well as commercial Brangus females.  Our cattle thrive in the harsh Florida environment under a variety of conditions. Our bulls sire highly desirable, black-hided calves. Steers grow quickly on the cow and yield/grade profitably out of the feed yard. Heifers make excellent mothers and will remain productive in your herd for many years. Above all, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Tom Rew
General Manager


Use current, trait-leading Brangus genetics from premier breeders in the Brangus business

Emphasize the genetic lines of John Wayne, Lead Gun, and Bright Side 607L11 via both artificial insemination and natural service.

Annually develop 100 registered Brangus bulls, 50 registered Brangus heifers, and 400 commercial heifers

Bulls and heifers sell at the ranch by private treaty


Sell 75 head each year

Solid Phenotype. Naturally thick, moderate framed, deep ribbed, and heavy boned

Strong EPDs. Low to moderate birth weights, high growth characteristics, moderate milk, and large scrotal circumferences

Superior yield and grade. Genetic potential to produce large rib eyed, high marbling carcasses with minimal fat cover



Sell 150 head per year
Brangus & Brangus cross
Early maturing, fertile, produce adequate milk, and stay in the herd
All bred, born and raised on this ranch to provide reliability and consistency
All Bangs vaccinated and ready to breed

Sell 10 – 20 head per year
Select for superior daily gains, phenotype, disposition, and pelvic area
Breed to low birth weight, registered Brangus bulls
Calve from mid-October to mid-February